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My name Is Jered i am 22 years old from Ohio. i just started with this tumblr thing but i find it to be very interesting to say the least. I do not fully understand it yet so any help would be appreciated. thanks. If you follow me i will probably follow you!
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Olivier Casamayou. Photo: Francois Marclay

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i absolutely LOVE these things on tumblr.

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I saw this couple last night in Bryant Park and asked them if I could snap their photo. After showing them the results, I sat down for a chat. The first leaves were shaking themselves off the trees in the strong breeze and I asked what the occasion for their picturesque picnic was figuring an anniversary or birthday. The man put his cards down and smiled at me saying, “I have been married to the best girl in the world for 30 years, I am doing my best to make sure she knows that.”

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Serbu BFG-50 w/ EOtech 551

Title & Photo Credit : k_rasmussen